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Our bras designs can be worn knowing that there will be no damage to the breast tissues or the underlying structure and help/assist the wearers maintain healthier breasts. 

The main purpose and function of our bra cups designs are to provide a fuller figure without compromising the lymphatic system of causing damage to the breasts tissue and its underlying structure


  • A strong connection between the wearing of bras and benign fibrocystic lumps, cysts and pain

  • 80% of bra-wearers who experience lumps, cysts or tenderness will see those symptoms vanish, "within a month of getting rid of the bra." 
  • You may know yourself or of someone else who have encountered push up bras and/or underwire bras that have resulted in soreness, redness or even pain on and / or under their breasts. My invention is designed taking into account the woman’s body shape, the weight and the gravity of the breasts.

  • Unlike the blood vessels the lymphatic system uses gravity to drain toxin out of the body - because there is no internal pressure in the lymphatic system 


  • Compressing the lyphatic system will block and compromise the natural flow of toxin out of the lymphatic system


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