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Welcome to our ‘PC’ ‘Professional customer’ Page

Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to buy our Unique Bra design for healthier breasts and at the same time to have the opportunity to earn some pocket money or even make a good living.



Billions of US dollars ‘$’ are spent yearly on advertising to attract customers to buy some products or to shop at a particular store.

The best and most effective advertising campaign is word of mouth, people introducing new products or new stores to one another.

Have you ever thought about: -

  • How many times and times again you have introduced a new product or shop / store to friends and families?

  • How much money have the brand companies or stores given you for advertising their products or stores to your friends and families?


The company has made the informed decision by spending less on advertising and to compensate our professional customers for introducing our products to friends, families, colleagues, neighbours or acquaintance.

  • The compensation will in CASH instead of POINT system unlike other stores



As a PC ‘professional customer’ you will be representing our company and brand

  • You should always act and introduce our brand and company in a professional and courteous manner.

  • No force sale is allowed

  • Using your experience as first hand customer to inform potential clients about the benefits of our brand

  • Some clients might only be interested to remain a client whilst others may wish to become PC ‘ Professional Customer’

    • The potential clients should be given the right and correct information so that they can make an informed decision.

  • As a PC and to receive compensation you will need to purchase at least ‘3’ three bras per year and introduce new customers / PC.

  • The compensation is dependent on the number of: - 

    • Bras purchased by individual PC yearly

    • PCs introduced into your group

  • This is just a number reaction – for example : -

    • ‘A’ introduce 3 new customers ‘B’ and each purchasing the 3 recommended bras per year

    • In turn ‘B’ introduce another 3 new customers ‘C’ each ( a total of 9) and all together 12 PC in your group

    • The opportunity is unlimited


  • A unique PC number will be assigned to every Professional Customer

  • The COMPENSATION a PERCENTAGE ‘%’ on the number of new Customers introduced WILL BE PAID to individual PC on a monthly basis or whenever purchase have been made by the PC

  • Any PC will have to register online and will receive 5% off

  • See chart below how the compensation is calculated





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