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Many thanks for your interest to be part of SALOMON ENTERPRISE LTD Modeling Team; I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the selection procedure will be very stringent. I would therefore urge you to provide as much information about you and clear pictures for this initial process, if you would like to be considered for this unique opportunity.


Any qualified models are expected to be comfortable with their body.

Please click on the here - Modeling Application Form to apply to take part in theModeling  pre-selection process


Please be aware that part of the job will entail: - 

  • Taking measurements of the individual breast / bust, chest, waist and the hips in order to acquire accurate size for the foam cups / bra and the brief

  • Obtaining the correct shape, size and form of the breasts by using molding foam

  • Trial of the foam cups

  • Taking measurements for the bras samples

  • Trial of the bras

  • Photo shoot of the finishing products

  • Video clips for TV & online commercial / marketing / advertising

  • Lingerie fashion show


Most of the work will be carried out in Hong Kong: - 

  • A selected few models will have the opportunity to travel to different countries to take part in the lingerie fashion show on a global level.

  • There will be at least 2 lingerie fashion shows yearly in each individual country where the company has set up stores.

  • For those qualified models the position will or can be a permanent one.

  • So a clean passport with no restriction is a must

  • Good Character and work references are vitally important and is expected from each model



Please note that I am not: -

  • An agency ‘or’

  • Photographer ‘or’

  • Scout 

  • Do not charge any fee to take part in the selection process or applying to be a model in our company 


I am the fonder, inventor, CEO & president of my company and chose to give freelancers the opportunity to exalt themselves in the modeling world.  


In the meantime; if you would like to be considered please: -

  • Complete the form ‘stats’  

    • Attach your photos ‘see section 2 & 3 below’

    • Stats: -

    • 4 most recent photographs in bikini

      • Full length: -       Different views ‘front & sides’

      • Close-up: -         Different views ‘front & sides

    • 4 most recent photographs fully clothed ‘glamour

      • Full length: -     Different views ‘front & sides'

      • Close-up: -          Different views ‘front & sides’


Payment / Compensation:-

The payment {still under review} will depend on different stages for example: - 

  • Initial measurement, modeling of foam cups photo shoots and video clips - $50.00

  • Foam cups / Bras samples photo shoots and video clips - $40.00

  • Trial of finishing bra photo shoots and video clips - $40.00

  • 2nd trial of finishing bra, photo shoots, video clips - $50.00  

  • Fashion show National Level - $75.00 + Expenses

  • Fashion show International Level - $200.00 + Expenses

    • A few successful models, who can demonstrate that they can be part of the team, will be employed on a permanent basis as in-house models.

  • The fees will be considerably higher once the company is and has established its core value.


In order to assist with the selection process, please confirm that you are happy and willing: -

  • for me to "Please note these are vital parts of the job": -

    • Carry out a tireless measurement process to obtain the accurate size for the bra cups? {Please confirm on the form}

    • Making molding of your breasts to obtain the accurate size and shape for the bra cups? {Please confirm on the form}

  • As you would appreciate it until the company is progressing 'financially' we need to spend wisely, as such I am asking every models to confirm that: - ​

    • You willing to travel / staying to Hong Kong / China for a period longer than 4 weeks? {Please confirm on the form}

    • You happy and willing to share a flat / house with me and / or other models in Hong Kong and / or in China? {Please confirm on the form}

  • Can you send full body pictures of you naked so that I can visualize how proportionate your breasts are with your figure? {Please confirm on the form} 


Please note once all bras measurements 'stage 1' have been completed then only ‘stages 2 - 6' will be applied:-

  • 'Stages 2 - 4' will be ongoing 4 seasons a year 

  • 'Stages 5 - 6' will be ongoing twice a year {End January /February & End August / September} in each country the company is operating stores – selected few – who have shown great interest in modeling and have proven to be dedicated, considerate, professional and keen to be part of the company

  • More details will be provided in due course

  • A selected few will be appointed on a permanent basis, providing they can demonstrate, high professionalism, understanding and very good at modeling.



To apply for the pre-selection process please click here


Confidentiality agreements: -

It is our company’s policy to treat any personal details with the strictest confidentiality. Any information including personal details and photographs provided to us, will be kept private and confidential at all time, these will only be seen and used by myself, the recruitment team and the lingerie designers.

All models are expected to behave in a professional manner, are able to demonstrate integrity and respect as you will be representing the company. Should you have any inappropriate photos online I will urged you to have them removed before entering into any contract with the company. Please note anyone providing inaccurate information will automatically be disqualified.


Good Luck to you all


Kind regards

Name: -      Joseph SALOMON


Company’s  Name: -     SALOMON ENTERPRISE LTD.

                Address: -  338 Lionel Road North. Brentford, England. TW8 9QX- UK

                 Website: -

                 Email: - 


                 Skype: -     brasalomon1

                 Mob: -       0044 74 0566 9644


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