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  • How many times you have talk to your friends, family or colleagues about a product that you have seen or bought?

  • How many time you told your friends, family or colleagues to go to a particular shop or to visit a particula website?

Perhaps without realising it, you are actually advertising for a particular product or store everytime you introduced your friends, family or colleagues when your talk about the product or store


I am certain the store(s) never

  • Said thank you for introducing them new customers or

  • Give you a gift vouture everytime you introduce a new customer


The company is introducing its own First Hand Advertising Incentive Reward Card.

  • It's called the FAMILY REWARD CARD

  • You will be rewarded everytime you Introduced new customers to US

  • YES we are introducing cash rewards (instead of point’s rewards) to everybody introducing new customers



  • Please start now by introducing new members to support us. 

Everybody you introduced from now on will be added to your own Network and you will automatically receive Cash Back everytime you and the members in your network buy a products from us.

Your potential residual income: -

  • You will earn:

    • 5% Cash Back on your own purchases

    • 2% Cash Back on all the purchases made by the members in your 1st contacts 

    • 0.5% Cash Back on all purchase made by the members in your 2nd contacts and as many subsequent contacts you have in your entire network

To apply to become a valued member of First Hand Advertising Incentive Reward Card You must: -

Details to be confirmed’


  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page
  • LinkedIn Reflection
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